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Beat The January Blues in Liverpool

So the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, the New Year celebrations went off with a bang, you're back at your desk staring out at the rain and the wait for your summer holiday feels like eternity;

it's safe to say you have a severe case of the 'January Blues'.

Whilst you may be dreaming of a weekend in Madrid, Nice or Rome, we can't all afford to live the celebrity lifestyle, with trips abroad at the drop of a hat.

You could however, visit somewhere a little closer to home.

Liverpool is home to a fantastic arts and culture movement, it boasts 15 theatres and halls (including the 2nd largest in the country), its has a multitude of museums and art galleries, plays host to a large number of festivals and live music events.

Liverpool is also home to not one, but two Premier League football teams (we won't jinx ourselves by commenting on the current league standings). Keeping with the theme it also has two cathedrals and of course, two rather famous LiverBirds..

To tempt you in to visiting our fab city, here is our top ten boredom busters of Liverpool to make the monotony of January a little more bearable..

When it comes to historical attractions, we had to rein ourselves in as there are so many to choose from. We decided on three unique attractions, first up is the Mersey Tunnels Tours, a behind the scenes tour of the Queensway Tunnel, where you can view the traffic deep under the city, visit the original control room and find out which Hollywood movies the tunnels have starred in.

Second up is the Royal Liver Building Tour, this new tour provides access to parts of the world-famous building that have never before opened to the public. Thirdly, The City and Beatles Tour offers a guided option to exploring the city, providing tourists with a rich history of the home of the world-famous Beatles.

For art lovers, Tate Liverpool is hosting a number of exhibitions, including 'Theaster Gates: Amalgam', 'Everybody Razzel Dazzle' and 'Ideas Depot'.

There is also plenty of reasons for families to visit, Knowsley Safari Park offers fun for all ages, just watch out for the monkeys on your car roof, they are rather partial to windscreen wipers! The Mersey Ferries are also family friendly, make sure to check out Snowdrop the Dazzle Ferry! For those with younger children, check out Mattel Play, an interactive centre that provides a creative world for children to play in.

For TV buffs, The Peaky Blinders Tour offers a 4-hour coach tour around 10 of the famous filming locations of the BAFTA award winning TV series. For those who enjoy live music then a trip to Matthew Street is a must, where musical history is preserved in bars such as The Cavern Club.

Our last recommendation is a one-night only event for sports fans (12th January 2020, The Liverpool Empire theatre will be hosting an evening with our very own Merseyside legend Tony Bellew, a fantastic Q&A opportunity!

We hope something on our list encourages you visit our vibrant city, it would be foolish to miss out..

The Serviced Living Team.

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